About Us:
The first non-governmental association specialized in the exhibitions and conferences sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, contributing to developing and raising the quality of the exhibitions and conferences industry.
Our Vision:
Building a strong and vibrant community of professionals in the exhibitions and conferences sector.
Our Mission:
Enhancing continuous communication with exhibitions and conferences industries by organizing meetings, programs, and ad hoc activities. We aim to attract outstanding expertise and experiences, activate partnerships at both national and international levels, and provide consultancy services.
Association Objectives:
  1. Enhancing communication between the private sector and relevant government entities.
  2. Facilitating opportunities for the private sector to reach clients.
  3. Building a positive perception of the Association.
  4. Promoting professionalism and quality in the sector.
  5. Motivating the adoption of the best practices and work mechanisms.
  6. Strengthening strategic alliances within the private sector.
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