Association Committees

Advisory Committee Duties:
  • Providing advice regarding the preparation of organizational structures, work procedures, branches, and sub-committees, and assisting in the selection of experts and consultants for conducting studies and statistics, and developing systems and procedures.
  • Offering observations and advice to the Board of Directors and various work teams, according to what is referred to them by the Association Management.
  • Contributing to the selection of members of sub-committees, participating in the preparation of regulations and tasks of the sub-committees, and supervising work teams as needed.
  • Regularly reviewing and approving regulations to enhance the governance and financial transparency approach applied by the Association.
  • Reviewing plans and contributing to monitoring the Association's long, medium, and short-term strategic plans, updating and revising them from time to time, supporting plans implementation, and marketing the Association’s activities.
  • Contributing to the nomination and recruitment of new members to the Association, along with presenting investment opportunities and beneficial partnerships or acquiring institutions related to the Association's work, without competing with the main members' business in managing and organizing exhibitions and conferences. Presenting these opportunities with recommendations to the Board of Directors to take the proper decisionsin this regard.
  • Providing recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the nomination for membership in the Advisory Committee in accordance with the Association's adopted policies and standards.
  • Periodically reviewing the provisions of these regulations and presenting the necessary recommendations to the Association's Board of Directors.
  • Providing assistance and advice in supervising the election process within the Association.
Committee Members:
Mishari Al-Khayyat (Chairman of the Committee)
Ashraf Nour Said (Committee Secretary)
Nashwa Al-Daghshi (Assistant Committee Secretary)
Dr. Ihab Abu Rakba (member of the advisory committee and representative of the association’s administration)
Kamal Kallas (Member)
Rakan Daghestani (Member)
Chiara Balleri (Member)
Rasha Hefzy (Member)
Majed Al-Jaeed (Member)
Bilal Barmawi (Member)

Training and Human Development Committee Duties:
  • Developing the skills of individuals working in the field of exhibitions and conferences through informative courses, qualification programs, and specialized training sessions.
  • Executing a number of training courses to understand the systems associated with exhibitions activities.
  • Organizing seminars, meetings, and lectures addressing issues and challenges in the meetings industry.
  • Involving legal professionals, stakeholders, interactive participants, and experts in topics related to the meetings industry and exhibitions activities at large.
  • Working on the qualification and training of establishments and employees, connecting them with professional training programs in the field of exhibitions and conferences.
  • Preparing a guide for professional certifications in the field of exhibitions and conferences.
  • Enhancing cooperation and joint coordination in the training of workers in the exhibitions and conferences industry with relevant authorities and centers.
  • Translating reports and studies related to the meetings and conferences industry.

Marketing and Membership Development Committee Duties :
  • Determining the privileges and benefits for the Association members and developing the membership system and members services.
  • Promoting the membership system through appropriate channels and selecting suitable methods to persuade members to join.
  • Marketing all services and products of the Association and developing benefits and privileges for members.
  • Monitoring and improving the subscription system, facilitating its performance, and actively engaging in the subscription process.
  • Building partnerships with government entities, chambers of commerce, non-profit third-sector organizations, scientific and civil associations.
  • Contributing to organizing seminars, lectures, conferences, and workshops.
  • Establishing a platform for promoting memberships and international partnerships.
  • Building partnerships with international associations in the field of exhibitions and conferences.
  • Contributing to marketing the Kingdom as an attractive environment for the meetings industry.
  • Working on developing marketing materials suitable for achieving the Association’s aspired goals.

Events Committee Duties:
  • Organizing professional meetings and gatherings.
  • Selecting programs and developing necessary media plans and appropriate means to achieve them.
  • Preparing and organizing events and meetings held by the Association, monitoring all their requirements and necessities, and supporting the Association's media center.
  • Coordinating numerous meetings, events, and workshops in partnership with strategic allies.
  • Working on programs and projects that enhance the role of the Association and continuously develop a positive public perception of the Association.
  • Contributing to representing the Association in social activities and events.
  • Highlighting the role of the meetings industry and its significant relationship with other economic activities.
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